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Our purpose


CNH Industrial is now fully focused on agricultural and construction equipment following the recent spin-off of its commercial vehicle and powertrain operations. As a new CNH Industrial emerges, sustainability will continue to drive the decisions we make and the priorities we set for our future. We are taking a proactive and holistic approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and ensuring our facilities, products and processes, including our supply chain, are sustainable. This creates value for our business, our customers, internal and external stakeholders, and our wider world.

At the Company’s Capital Markets Day in February 2022, CNH Industrial announced a new purpose, entitled Breaking New Ground, based on three supporting pillars that will propel our strategy moving forward: Innovation, Sustainability, Productivity. We are continually searching for better solutions and breakthrough ideas to meet the enormous challenge of feeding and sheltering a growing global population. Our second pillar demonstrates our commitment to continuing our track record of excellence in sustainability. We will strengthen our sustainable transformation by setting challenging targets across our plants and along our value chain. In addition, we will accelerate our environmental and social initiatives and improve discipline and governance internally. This is absolutely critical as we have all realized that sustainability is vital to the future of our planet.

Our sustainability strategy will be centered around four areas linked to six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are globally recognized as a sustainability leader in the agriculture and construction segments and have committed to maintaining this prestige status. We have also committed to reporting on science-based measurable targets according to formal procedures; becoming the employer of choice in our industries; and continuing to be accountable for our sustainability performance.

In 2021, we achieved key results and, among other things, also strengthened our commitment to diversity and inclusion across the Company. A Sustainable Year showcases some of the projects and initiatives of which we are particularly proud.

We hope you enjoy it.

Note: after the spin-off of CNH Industrial's commercial vehicle and powertrain operations at the end of 2021, only sustainable initiatives by CNH Industrial's Agriculture and Construction segments are included in the scope of this publication.

CNH Industrial supports the Sustainable Development Goals

CNH Industrial is a world-class equipment and services company that sustainably advances the noble work of agriculture and construction workers.

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